Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What I'm Working On: Changing My Life

For the past 30 years or so I’ve been encouraging photographers to “get up, get out, take a look around.”

I’ve done that by writing books, publishing newsletters, teaching classroom-style and online classes, offering where-to-go and when-to-go info at my website for photographers looking for fall color and/or wildflowers, leading photo workshops to Mono Lake, the eastern Sierra, Tucson, Santa Fe, Death Valley, etc.

The amount of research material I’ve collected for all this traveling, writing, and guiding fills eight very deep drawers in two very tall file cabinets.

Even though I have discontinued writing guides, teaching classes, and leading workshops, I haven’t been able to throw all that paper away. What if I want to start it all up again? And what about all those articles I wrote? All that work? (And fine work it was!) All those damned maps I made?

So the file cabinets remain full of good stuff, towering over everything. And they have become a subliminal obligation, a weight — maybe I should start all that up again.

But I have finally come to my senses. CalPhoto is over. I don’t want to start it up again. I still want to shoot, to make art, but never again go back to the info-regurgitating biz I did for 30+ years.

So I’m cleaning out the file cabinets, filling the recycling bins daily, and (until I sell the file cabinets at the Great Waldport Garage Sale in May) they can be used to store a lot of my art supplies.

And the calphoto.com domain name is now for sale, if you know anyone who would love to have it!

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  1. Ah Carol, I fully understand. You had a good run and many, many people profited from your work. When one door closes another opens. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Ah, Sam ... And you were a large part of it all, weren't you? I remember you in your red rain gear there at Anza-Borrego photographing wildflowers, walking around Nevada City in the fall, and your very cool black and white images in their large mats. Have always appreciated your words of wisdom and your sense of caring. So happy to have you in my life.


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