Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What I'm Working On . . . Envelopes

Today I finished a handmade envelope/collage and it was fun! Here's what the original looks like and then, for Fine Art America, I also converted it to a square. I have two versions of the same image to offer there.

This image is now in the computer and so I just might go back to it and make it a photomontage, adding more and more things until I declare it finished. But as a standalone collage, I like it. I especially like how the bit of paper in the upper right (which is a piece of paper from a ledger book that I dipped in calligraphy ink just to see what it would look like) is echoed in the lower left, and how both of them sort of imply a postage stamp.

The bit of bluish paper is yet another snippet of ledger paper that I painted a bluish-indigo color, again, just to see what it would look like.

And that's what I'm currently working on -- collaged envelopes. Some people are working on a cure for cancer, I'm tearing paper and gluing it down...

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  1. Great project...and what a delight for someone to receive.


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