Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Domestic Goddess ...

I'm having fun with the iPhone. That's about all I can say about it right now. You know how I feel. But . . . it's fun to be doing something, then run to grab the phone, take a snapshot, then keep on doing . . .

The other day I began a quest to go back to simplicity (yeah, right) and so harvested about three cups of blackberries from vines that grow along the front of our property. The berries are in their prime right now and if I don't pick them, a marauding neighbor I've heard about will!

And what did I make? A blackberry skillet cake (sort of like a pineapple upside-down cake, but not as sweet and gooey). It's a Martha Stewart recipe, so you KNOW it had to turn out perfectly!

And it did.

Here's the sequence, showing the berries, how the cake looked right out of the oven, how it looked flipped over and onto a plate, and then ready to be eaten.

What you're NOT seeing is a shot of the scale, showing the extra two pounds gained as a result of eating said cake (warm, with vanilla ice cream!).

And today I went back down to the berry patch, trimmed away about ten feet of ferns and old branches and, in the process, filled my little red bucket with what looks, unsurprisingly, like about three cups of blackberries! Only 40 more feet of trimming to do. I promise I won't show any more pictures.

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Laura said...

Art is life and life it art. Beautiful and so fun to share as you created.

Carol Leigh said...

Yes, Laura, it IS fun to share this stuff! Wishing you a good day today.

Jan Hagan said...

Oh Yum!

Carol Leigh said...

Yup, Jan, it was berry berry good!