Thursday, August 27, 2015

It's a good day to . . .

... get down and dirty!

At last, thanks to Chris, I have some space where I can lay out paper(s) and make things. As I unpack boxes, it's like seeing old friends again. All my monoprints. Ooh, the PVA glue! Reams of white paper just waiting for something to happen. I still haven't found my brushes, nor my brayers, X-acto knives, but slowly things are appearing and space is being made.

Walls and doors have to be built/installed. Things need to be painted. More shelves have to go up. But at least, right here and now, I have a big, L-shaped counter to work on, with a LOT of room to spread things out. Ah, the little things that make me happy.

So yesterday I pulled a few papers and glued a few things. And this morning I tried some other techniques and actually got my hands dirty. Shades of Lady MacBeth, I cringe at getting my hands dirty. But this morning, it felt really, really good!

Wishing you a day of dirty hands (and plenty of soap, water, and paper towels at the ready).

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