Thursday, August 27, 2015

iPhone photos du jour . . .

Washington State Ferry and a photo of late afternoon light on the front porch. Both were taken using the Camera Plus/Camera Awesome app and then processed with Snapseed.

I particularly like the ferry shot because it just looks old.

I like the porch photo because of all the repeating lines. Look at the vertical lines on the railings, the horizontal lines of the siding, the wooden deck, even on the overhang, and then the strong shadows leading your eye this way and that. This is a scene that I believe I'll be revisiting as the light changes throughout the year.

Yesterday, as we were waiting in line to catch the ferry back home, there were a lot of fishing boats offshore, big nets, lots of activity. We asked the ticket-taker what they were fishing for.

"Not sure. Probably humpies, you know, pinks. It's too early for the silvers." We nodded like yeah, we understood. We didn't. But we thought maybe he was talking about salmon.

A quick check and yes, pink salmon are also known as "humpies" because the males develop a hump on their backs during spawning. But get this, their spawning runs happen only every other year. This from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife: "In Washington, pink salmon runs only occur in odd-numbered years. Pinks have a very regular life history, living for two years before returning to spawn the next generation. This is why pink runs in Washington only occur every other year; there are no one-year-old or three-year-old fish to establish runs in the other years."

Don't get it? Just nod like you do and then go look it up!

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