Saturday, October 10, 2015

Around the house . . .

Early morning shadows on the living room wall. As the sun begins moving farther south, shadows in the house are constantly changing, appearing here one day, there the next, nowhere the next. On this morning, the sun peeked through all the trees and their shadows, as well as the window details, all showed up on the wall. For just a moment. Shot with iPhone 6+ and processed with Snapseed. The shot was incredibly noisy, so I used Topaz DeNoise to smooth things out a bit.

The studio? Funny you should ask. It is so close to being ready to paint that I'm champing at the bit. But the work schedule has been sketchy. And it's making me crazy. We cannot unpack anything more until the work is done. They're going to be here at 9 this morning. Crossing my fingers.

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