Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Just pick the best one and shut up!

Here's a photomontage I created back in July. I uploaded the first version to Fine Art America. Although I created them both at the same time, I decided not to upload the second one.

Why? I'm leery of uploading two or more of the same image. I see other photographers do this all the time, though. "Here it is in sepia. Here it is in black and white. Here it is with a soft effect. Here it is in HDR." Makes me crazy. Just pick the best one and shut up!

And now, here I am, doing what others have done, doing what I swore I would not do. I have two different versions. I like both of them very much. When I uploaded the top one, I thought it might be more marketable because the colors are neutral and subdued.

But this morning, when I came across the second version, it made me feel happy. It was lighter and brighter and I liked the traces of turquoise up toward the top that really came through.

So, sigh, I uploaded it today.

Maybe because the uploads were three months apart, no one will remember the first one ...

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