Monday, October 26, 2015

Latest work: Series in Red and Blue

Over the weekend I created a series of 11 images for Fine Art America that are all variations on this theme. The background is a photo I took of one of my hand-painted papers and then I just bent, folded, spindled and mutilated the images to create the series, each image being different yet part of a "set."

My thought process was that perhaps designers or decorators might want a set of photos for a hotel or a restaurant that were different, yet had a unified look. So, voila!

Although it was fun making the images, there's a fair amount of background work that goes into them, mainly describing the image, adding all the keywords, changing the format to what FAA requires, and then framing them so I can post them here in my blog.

Which brings me to a different point . . . There's a lot of image theft on the Internet. The only way to prevent this is simply never to post your photos. Well, what's the fun in that?

Since forever I have been prepping my pictures as you see them here. They're in a frame, have my name and copyright symbol on them, and they are just 72dpi in size.

The frame, the small size, and the copyright statement tend to prevent people from snagging the photos and using them for something else.

I do find my pictures being used on a fair number of blogs. They're not my framed pictures, however, but rather pictures they've right-clicked from the FAA site.

Do I bother with this copyright infringement? If they give me attribution, I don't. Otherwise I send them an e-mail telling them I'm aware of what they've done and that it's not cool and to please remove the image. Most of the time they comply; sometimes they just ignore me.

Do I pursue it further? Nah. It's not like they're making money off my pictures (I'm barely doing that myself!), so there's no cause for action, really.

The studio is coming along well. I'm now unpacking boxes, putting books on shelves, figuring out where to stash stuff, and deciding what else I might need for the space. BUT I CAN'T FIND MY BATTERY CHARGERS YET! Grrrrr . . . So I'm shooting a lot of iPhone photos. Better than nothing.

Once I finish unpacking, I'll post another panorama of the space and then that's the last you'll be hearing about it. And won't THAT be a relief?!

Have a good week ... Special hugs and healing pixie dust being sent out to my friend Carol Davis. Please think good thoughts about her right now if you would.

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  1. I like the middle design best. Don't know what that means, but it appeals to me more than the others. I enlarged each of them, studied each, but it was the center one that got the most votes. Funny, but I don't feel the same way when it's turn topsy turvy. Amazing what a creative person can do with a iPhone. Steve Jobs is looking down saying. "Yah, that's what I thought would happen."

    Say, is that an whitened American bald eagle swooping in on prey? Down at the bottom to the left of you copyright. Hmmm?

  2. The middle version has a sort of Asian vibe to it, a torii gate look. Is something more appealing if it has a recognizable aspect to it rather than a simple line/design thing going on? I do not know . . .

    Actually, this isn't cellphone material here. It's a photo I took of some hand-painted papers and circles. I don't know how to do this -- yet -- on a cellphone. But when I do, watch out!

    And see how you saw the paint splatter as an eagle? See? It must be in our nature to see something abstract and try to make it something recognizable. Perhaps encoded in our DNA for self-protection: what IS that and is it going to do me harm?

    And that's about as deep as I get at 5 in the morning! :-)


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