Friday, October 2, 2015

Studio insulated and electrical in . . .

The insulation is in, the drywall is up, the electrical thingies are complete. I would show you pictures but the place is rather dark at the moment. Today the drywall has mud and tape applied. Then it has to dry and be sanded. Then, apparently, done again.

So it looks like the crew will be done maybe the first of next week. Then Chris and I have to paint, get some lighting fixtures, clean, clean, clean, then organize the random bits such as a hodgepodge of file cabinets, bookcases, and shelves. Once we have lighting, I can then show you what's been going on, both before and after.

This isn't a little cute little cottagey studio of perfection like we see in art magazines. This is a 2.5-car garage that's been converted to a one-car garage with the studio taking up most of the rest of the space. It will be clean and functional and roomy.  On nice days I can open up the garage door and enjoy the weather while I work.

This is so decadently wonderful. I feel happy and excited yet guilty and overwhelmed that Chris pretty much made this all happen. He did the same thing in Oregon, where space allowed, singlehandedly creating a 7x10 room in the garage for me to do photography, then expanding it out to a 7x25 room to accommodate an art counter, shelving, etc. The man's amazing.

My proceeds from Fine Art America this year are paying for the construction job here in Washington, and surprisingly it's a relatively big job. My art account is just about tapped out now and I'm hoping that by having a roomy studio in which to work will enable me to create even more so that next year I can pay for a major trip in the fall.

High hopes. Big expectations. A head swimming with ideas. And someone who loves me pushing to make it all happen. I must say, life is pretty damned good.

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  1. WE have all known what a great guy Chris is, you certainly picked the right guy lady! Have fun! So excited for you both!

  2. Thanks, Jan, for your enthusiasm!

  3. Thanks for the update. So excited & happy for you. And, no pressure, but looking forward to seeing all the wonderful art you will be producing in your new studio.

  4. Yeah, right, Judy! No pressure at all! Ha.


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