Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Studio walls being prepped for painting . . .

The place is a mess! I didn't even look in there yesterday because they've been sanding and fine white grit is everywhere. They're going to be working on the walls again today. Estimated end of construction is Thursday. But secretly I'm hoping for end of day tomorrow.

Now that I can see the space, the walls, the possibilities, I'm eager to get in there with Chris, paint the walls a clean, bright white, clean up everything, and begin organizing the small amount of "furniture" I have for it. This is the fun stuff! I can begin unpacking all the rest of the studio boxes, begin organizing, see what I have and where it will go, and get on with it.

Yes. For me, here's where the excitement begins. Almost, almost, almost as good as being seven again and Christmas is tomorrow!

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  1. I've always envied people who move to new locations. It good to go through your stuff and thin out the herd. So here I sit in the same place for the past 46 years. You can imagine the accumulation. So using you as an example, I begin today to reorganize, toss and save. Wish me luck.

  2. Oh, Sam, you have no idea . . . I brought ALL my slides with me. All of them. And you? You've been shooting longer than I have, and so you have negatives as well. Just that one aspect of our lives is incredibly daunting to cull. My goal here is to attack X number of slide pages a day. Scan the slides I think I can use, and then throw out all the rest. I think I will toss all the slides into a big Rubbermaid tub and photograph the mountain of them before sending them off to who knows where. I don't think slides can be recycled, can they?

    And then there were the books. All my wildflower identification books, guidebooks, maps, etc. They went to the local library. I hope they sell well during their yearly book sales. That was difficult for me.

    And finally, I determined that all I would pack and bring with me here is stuff that I love. If I felt ambivalent about the item, it went to a pet shelter thrift store or we sold it at a garage sale. But even then, it was tough to do.

    We began going through our stuff in January. And on the day the moving company arrived, six months later, we still weren't quite done. Being older, too, doesn't help. Stamina isn't what it was back when. Carrying heavy boxes up and down stairs played havoc with knees and backs. Still does. Haven't quite recovered from that yet.

    We need minions, damn it! Minions!

    Best of luck to you, sir . . . Have you donated all your darkroom gear yet?

  3. No, I'm still hanging on to the darkroom. Still got things to learn and do there. It'll be the last to go. Slides, I have managed to toss 8,000+, mostly dupes.

    I like what you said about if you felt ambivalent, the item went. I need to adopt that. I also need to be as disciplined as you. That's my cross to bear. I get sentimental over the darnedest things.

    On the subject of recycling, see http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2011/jan/04/recycle-photographs-negatives

    Minions, now there's a thought. I'm placing an ad for a dispassionate minion, who will be charged with doing the tossing. Of course, for economical reasons, it will be strictly volunteer work. Guess I'm stuck doing by my lonesome.


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