Thursday, October 29, 2015

This and that . . .

These are two of my latest works that I've uploaded to Fine Art America. I just keep making things and throwing them up there . . . Will these ever sell? I hope so. But I never know.

What I do know is that I just love this process. It drives me insane sometimes (well, a lot!), but when I come up with something like these two, I'm a pretty happy soul.

I like the tropical colors in the banana montage, and was happy to find a couple of postage stamps that were just the right colors to add to the mix.

And the second image? Thank you to Kathleen Amt for sending me the background paper, to which I added more papers from vintage Japanese books as well as a photo of the back of a clock face.

In the studio, I'm working on some assemblage pieces and having a lot of fun. Here's what I'm using, and you're going to think, "This sounds HORRIBLE!"

I'm using (among other things) driftwood collected from the beach, feathers, paint, copper, old papers, twine, horsehair, rusty fabric, newspaper bits from India, and string.

Ha! See what I mean? Doesn't this sound like a horrendously tacky mash-up? It's a project I've had in mind all year and finally I can begin putting it together. We shall see. If you hear nothing more abut this, you'll know you were right, it WAS a horrendously tacky mash-up!

And by the way, I now have 1,400 images up on Fine Art America. Not too shabby.

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Jo Murray said...

I'm loving all your recent images...keep it up.

Carol Leigh said...

Jo! You've been so quiet I was getting worried about you. Is all well with you? Have missed your enthusiasm.