Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dockside . . .

Up at the docks in Anacortes with Chris and our friend, Craig C. . . .

The brightest red boat ever was reflecting in the water. The brilliant color caught my eye first, but then I also liked the contrasting row of black tires up above and how their shadows were red as well. Cool stuff!

A bluish-black anchor also grabbed my attention, looking rich and luscious with just a few bits of deep red and bright blue to highlight things here and there.

Another boat reflected its colors in the water. It helped that the sky was a clear blue to add to the mix.

And, finally, a turquoise-colored boat provided a vivid background for an even more vivid reddish-orange bumper.

Boats, nets, buoys, colors, blue skies, deep green trees and a cool breeze were just a small part of the equation. Being out shooting with someone who was equally enchanted by all this was a bonus.

Thanks, Craig, for being such a delightful house guest. Sorry about the smoke detector loudly beeping every 39.6 seconds this morning. I can't figure out how to turn it off!

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  1. I've always been a photographer who's after the big image, i.e, see the entire boat. But you continue to demonstrate that within that big image lives a wonderful world. Thanks. I'm working to see that world.

  2. Ah, we are opposites, Sam. My gift (and my flaw) is that I do not see the big picture. I see a boat and it's overwhelming. So I look closer. You (perhaps) see a landscape and you can immediately decide what to leave in, what to leave out, analyze the lighting, and make a lovely photograph. That's what I admire about you, my friend.

  3. How in heaven's name can it be a flaw? You find a great deal of beauty within the big picture. And I admire that. So there. A mutual admiration society.

  4. Okay. You're right. But let the record show that I also called it a "gift!" 😄


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