Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bunker art . . .

A huge percentage of photographers love to be out there in nature, photographing extraordinary sunsets, reflections in lakes, herds of zebras, etc.

But give me old army bunker walls and I'm like a kid at Disneyland!

The textures, to me, are just amazing. The sensual curves of railings in interesting juxtaposition with all the hard edges of a military structure. And yet the hard edges can come together cleanly and simply (and appealingly) as you see in the last photograph.

This is my project for the upcoming year: to create a series of interesting, provocative, and mysterious photos of these structures that were built to protect the coast in the Pacific northwest.

What's made it especially fun is that Fay from southern California was in the area recently -- just as passionate about these buildings as I. And then Craig, too, here from Bend, Oregon, got into the madness the other day as we oohed and ahhed over shades of gold colors, drippy things that looked like jellyfish tentacles, and iron rings set into concrete, cameras repeatedly firing.

Maybe you have to be really weird to get excited about all this grunge. Luckily, I know a lot of weird people!

P.S. Looking at this particular post on various other devices, the photos appear really dark, especially the last one. Do they look unusually dark on whatever monitor you're seeing them on, too? Let me know. Thanks.

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