Friday, November 13, 2015

Not doing so well . . .

Abby the cat is fine. Well, as fine as she can be. What's not doing so well is my quest to take better cellphone photos and to use the apps better on my iPad and iPhone.

I wanted to use the Brush Stroke app and the Camera+ app with the Lone Star effect on this photo of Abby. Paint it. Sepia-tone and texturize it. That's it.

Well. It didn't turn out the way I planned and the quality is awful. Somehow the sepia toning and texturizing got lost when I e-mailed the final result to myself so I could open it in the desktop computer. (And yes, Rich, I know I need to use the Cloud to do this . . .)

Abby looks good. She's very photogenic. But my app usage leaves a lot to be desired. Just thought I'd share a bit of failure with you today.

The solution? Concentrate on one thing at a time. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Right now I have an idea for some photos I want to take of weeds, some ideas for monoprinting, collages I want to make, and a photomontage I began at 4:30 this morning that's not coming together as quickly as I wish.

Can you relate? Yeah. I thought you could.

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