Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Latest work: "Fiery Red and Indigo"

Storms have been coming through, creating power outages around Whidbey Island. Lights flickered, power went out very briefly a few times, but no four-day outages as we had a few months ago.

During a lull in the rain (but not the wind) I considered walking down the driveway to get the mail, but since pine tree boughs were flying through the air like javelins, I figured the junk mail and catalogs could wait until things calmed down. Don't want to die knowing the article would read, "Island resident impaled by falling pine branch. Died clutching soggy Pottery Barn catalog."

But I digress . . .

Decided to make a few photomontages, sort of get the juices flowing again, and so I combined hand-painted papers and some ink swooshes and swirls to come up with these two images. Love the bright color combination and the overall texture. If I ordered these from Fine Art America, I'd request them printed on metal so that the colors would really pop.

Wishing you clear (and javelin-free) skies today!

 ©Carol Leigh
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  1. What is it about red and black that makes the combination so appealing?

  2. Red alone is a very powerful color. So is black. Put them together and you have a very aggressive color combination.

    Here's something I found regarding the meaning of various colors:

    These two pictures are of indigo and reddish-orange. Indigo's pretty close to black. But because it's blue, and because orange is blue's complementary color, the blue and the fiery reddish-orange make each other look particularly good. A more "benign aggression," as it were, than black and red.

    Makes sense if you don't think about it . . . Heh, heh . . .


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