Friday, February 26, 2016

A short photo hike yesterday . . .

Well, for you it might be a short hike! For us, of the non-hiking persuasion, 3.5 miles up and down a hill was a trek! My camera gear was in my backpack; Chris carried the tripod.

My goal was to shoot the military bunkers at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, Washington. I've visited some there in the past, but this was a new bunch. Alas, it was a sunny day, which can make photography a challenge.

I took 71 photographs. Usually I don't count, but in this case I was surprised; I thought I'd taken a lot more. Most of the images I'm going to use in subsequent photomontages, but I found a recurring theme in the big metal rings embedded in cement walls and on rusted doors, so that's what I'm showing here.

Chris read information signs while I shot, discovering that the rings were used for "maintenance and maneuvers," where the big guns could be hooked up to chains and pulleys and were moved about by mules.

What I was drawn to were the textures and the weathering and the peeling paint -- lots of grunge contrasted with a nice clean circular form.

We heard, and then Chris spotted, a pileated woodpecker on a distant tree. So I pulled out the cellphone, looked up pileated woodpecker calls, and played one as loudly as I could. The bird immediately flew right toward us, passed overhead, and landed I don't know where.

But the cool things about this were (a) hearing his call so clearly and loudly on a quiet morning, (b) spotting him way off in the distance, and then (c) hearing the rhythmic whuff-whuff-whuff of his wings as he flew overhead. Big bird, kind of a combination pterodactyl/Woody Woodpecker with a big red pointy head.

Lunch was tempura prawns, caesar salad at Doc's Marina Grill, then a quick visit to the Wooden Boat Chandlery (where they have the coolest copper and brass fittings -- things that I have no idea what to do with, but yearn for them anyway just because they're classy and different).

We took the ferry over and back -- always a fun venture. Saw a seal. That was about it.

What a great day. Fun to be out walking, exploring, photographing, having lunch, admiring marine fittings, and who doesn't love a harbor cruise?!

Wishing you quiet mornings, wondrous bird encounters, and maybe even a boat ride or two.

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