Saturday, February 6, 2016

Local "wild" life

We have chickens! Well, we don't really HAVE chickens. They're not ours. But for the last two days they've come to visit. And they stay for hours. There are four of them -- a rooster and three hens.

For this suburbanite, having a herd of chickens come to call is very, very cool! They apparently belong to our neighbor to the south, making their way through the woods, and then scrabbling about here and there in our yard. How they find their way back, and how they avoid being snagged by owls, I don't know (although yesterday there were just two hens, not three).

It's fun having them around. But I swear if I hadn't shut the car door, one would have jumped up onto my lap.

This is a cellphone shot that's not very good. I never realized how active chickens are -- jerking their heads this way and that, constantly in motion. My iPhone couldn't really stop the action. If their visitations become regular, I'll be using the big guns to see what I can do.

Chickens. Not the most exotic of animals, but it's just too cool to have them around. Hope they continue visiting during slug and carpenter ant season!

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