Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Little surprises in the mail

From time to time, my friend Kathleen Amt sends me little things in the mail, such as cool matchbox labels, Japanese papers, things she's painted, stuff she has lying around her studio that she thinks I can use. Since we're both weird in the same way, I'm always delighted by what she sends.

Yesterday afternoon I got an envelope from her with this cool heart in it, obviously made from some of her paper stash. Love it!

I then combined it with something I had lying around my own studio -- a heavily textured and layered paper with a white gesso topcoat. I added some cottony thingies, toned down all the colors to unify everything, and here's how Kathleen's heart ended up.

Thank you, my friend, for sending me this. And in the meantime, I'm putting together a package for you -- hopefully just as cool as this heart.

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