Friday, January 5, 2018

First picture sold on Fine Art America

Photograph of a collage that incorporates vintage papers, Japanese calligraphy, torn cardboard, and a red button.

Back in February of 2012 I signed up with Fine Art America to offer my pictures for sale. The process is that you produce a high-quality JPEG image, upload it to FAA, put in keywords and a description, and then you wait for the money to pour in!


But I was lucky. A few weeks after signing up, I sold this picture. I had uploaded it February 7th and it sold on February 28th.

I didn’t sell anything else until sometime in May. And it was a greeting card. I got a dollar. (I know better now and have adjusted my mark-up accordingly!)

What’s my point?
Talent and tenacity.

FAA isn’t exactly a get-rich-quick income stream. It requires good art and staying power. 
Today I have 1,700 pictures with FAA (24 pictures per month, if you're counting). I had intended to have at least 3,000 by now. The key thing is that I am undeterred. I keep on submitting pictures.

Another key thing is that a lot of my work is simply different. I have no idea, when I’m making it, if it will sell. But if it pleases me (and I’m hard to please), then up it goes.

I invite you to see this picture on my FAA/Pixels website here:

I also invite you to ask me if you have any questions about marketing your own work through Fine Art America (also known as Just leave your question/questions below in the comment box. I'm happy to give you a hand.

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