Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Not your grandma's flowers...

We all love flowers, but . . .
We've seen so many pictures of them, from almost every photographer, that maybe we've become jaded.

An orange California poppy? Yawn.
A pink rose?
A sunflower?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. What else ya got?

When I was teaching photography, I did have my students shooting flowers. And one thing I emphasized was backgrounds, how the color and texture of a background can make a flower photo look dull or exciting.

Here is the same flower in front of three different backgrounds. The colors pop, each showcasing the flower in a different way.

I took this concept one step further for my final images, adding texture and a somewhat painterly look.

These ain't your grandma's flowers.
They're different enough to catch your eye, to make you stop, look, and linger.

These pictures make me happy.
And if they make you stop/look/linger, as an artist I'm even happier.

If you'd like to see my collection of colorful flowers, all done in this particular style, I invite you to visit my "Flowers -- Outrageous Colors" gallery here:


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