Friday, April 19, 2019

Rabbits, hawks, and deer . . .

When Abby goes on "alert," we pay attention. What do her cat ears hear that ours don't?

It was late afternoon a couple days ago when she suddenly sat up, listening, and so I went to the windows to see five (five!) Columbia black-tailed deer chasing each other around the yard, kicking up their heels, jumping (straight up), leaping, zooming out of sight and then zooming back.

And it's not like they were fawns -- maybe teenagers, young adults. And it went on for a couple of minutes. Just the most entertaining, fun, crazy thing to see.

Then yesterday afternoon, I saw a large-ish bird fly across the yard -- fast -- and disappear behind some rhododendron bushes. Simultaneous with his landing, a cottontail rabbit zoomed from the rhody bush and disappeared into deeper brush nearby. The hawk flew to a tree branch, shook out his feathers, and then flew off -- empty talon-ed.

Bunny 1
Hawk 0

Works for me.

Happy Easter. Happy spring. Happiness all 'round!

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