Thursday, January 9, 2014

It kind of hurts . . .

Remember this photograph? I first published it here July 29, 2012. Here's the link:

I was surprised to see it (chopped in half) as the feature photograph in a blog post here:

Because I didn't have a contract with the owner of the blog (who seems like a nice guy), I contacted him asking that he remove my photograph. Here's the e-mail I sent to him this morning:

I was surprised to see that you featured my photograph as a header on your April 21, 2013 blog post about life being messy. Since we made no agreement that you could use it, I am kindly requesting that you take it down.

I worked hard to create that unique image and I made it available for sale at Fine Art America on September 25, 2012.

Photography is how I make my living and I'm pleased that you liked the image enough to use it. I just wish you had asked me beforehand -- I probably would have granted you permission. You didn't, however, and so I respectfully request that you remove the photograph (both halves of it) immediately.

Thank you very much.

As you know, we work hard to create our pictures, and so it hurts when someone blithely uses our work without permission and without even crediting the photographer. Here's hoping he takes the photo down right away. I'll let you know.  —Carol Leigh


  1. It does hurt. Out of curiosity, how did you discover it?

    I also note that your signature (seen in your original post) has been removed. I cannot get to the FineArtAmerica page because the cyber-nanny here at work thinks there's nudity there.... Can I assume it is not on that image and was likely the source?

  2. I will send you a private message, Jim.

  3. Jim, I sent a private message to the wrong Jim, apparently. And the link to your name leads me nowhere. Now what?

  4. Dear Carol -- Full of respect for your work and no blithe in sight, I've pulled your work. Wanting all to have full credit where credit is due, I have, however, left the attribution to you in place as was initially posted. Wishing to do no harm, I wish you well in your career. Your 'eye' is a good one. My sincere apologies...

  5. Thank you, Dan, for your gracious response. Wishing you warmer weather there in Illinois!


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