Thursday, February 5, 2015

Abstracts anywhere . . .

While walking down a back alley in Tucson, Arizona, there was this glorious fence made from galvanized metal. I liked how the bits and pieces came together, some a warm rusty color and others a sunwashed blue.

Not only did I enjoy the moment, the act of creating a variety of abstract photographs, but I knew that later, when I got home, I would use these same abstract images to make a number of physical collages.

And that's my next art assignment when I return home -- create collages made from my photographic inspirations.

We are on Whidbey Island visiting friends. My only camera is the cellphone . . . yikes! We'll see how this goes . . . Scary not to have the big guns with me.

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  1. Rusty stuff makes wonderful images. Congrats on your sales success.


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