Sunday, August 30, 2015

No power = opportunity

We have been without power for more than 24 hours, the result of major winds and downed trees. 

When I heard we were expecting 50mph winds, I pooh-poohed it. What weenies! On the Oregon coast that would be nothing! Well, what do I know? Fifty mph winds here have major consequences!

Our yard (and it's a big yard) is strewn with pine tree detritus, branches nine and twelve feet long came plummeting down, branches as big as Christmas trees. They are EVERYwhere.

No power is a good excuse to go out for breakfast, so we joined a number of other power-less folks at Knead and Feed, a clean, well-lighted place this crazy morning. 

Afterwards we decided to explore the island a bit and I think I've found my beach. I had one in Oregon, and now I may have one here, too. Lots of pebbles, driftwood, offshore boats, and this morning, bull kelp.

The lighting was bad, but I saw the potential and took one photo with the cellphone, an abstract shot of kelp. This beach is close by, has lots of jetsam, and a LOT of photo potential. 

I have no electricity right now, no computer, just this phone. But maybe that's a good thing. We went out. We explored. And I think I've found my beach. 

Power should be back around two tomorrow morning. Finally. But if it's cloudy tomorrow, no broken branch patrol for me. I'm off to the beach!

©Carol Leigh

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