Monday, October 25, 2010

Home again ...

These past two weeks away from home were crazy! The best part was at the beginning, spending time with the gracious, fun, generous, talented, and slightly insane folks in the Sandhills Photographic Club in North Carolina. I stayed with Gisela the first few days at her house on a lake and felt like I was at a posh resort. I arrived at night (thank you, June, for picking me up at the airport) and so didn't know what was outside Gisela's door until the sky began to turn orange the following morning.  A purple martin nest box silhouetted beautifully against the sky, and then her red canoe at the base of a couple of pine trees caught my eye.

More to follow as I deal with recalcitrant thumb drives, a series of electrical storms, and other little computer challenges at the moment. ©Carol Leigh