Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More from North Carolina

 The Sandhills Photography Club invited me to join them on their fall field trip to Asheville, NC, where I gave a short presentation on how to set oneself apart from other photographers. And then it was off to shoot! We visited the arboretum, the botanical garden, had dinner at the Grove Park Inn out on the patio, where a gradually intensifying sunset made eating an afterthought. (Dave and Cheryl Powers, what a GREAT spot you chose for this dinner! You couldn't have done better.) I liked the shot I took of June, looking small and solitary in the forest. And when I saw June and Gisela in the entryway of a shelter, I had to photograph them silhouetted against the greenery. A strong silhouette of two strong women.
 I'm most impressed with what this camera club does and how they are so supportive of one another. Along the way I met Len and Jim and Dave and the Bee Man and Lana R. (who knows my student Carol B. in California), Lori F. (who made the drive to the camera club a hilarious one), Donna F., Chris C., Kathy G., Brenda and Don H. (hooray!), and, of course, Jill, June, and Gisela.

I was treated like royalty, was comped numerous meals, made to feel a part of the group, was ferried about, and was nursed back to health when I developed a horrendous cold. Thank you all for your classic southern hospitality. ©Carol Leigh