Monday, October 25, 2010

Meeting some of my online students in person ...

A bunch of us got together at a restaurant where they knew I'd love the texture on the front door. Hoo ha! Panels of embossed metal and lots of rivets. Prime photomontage fodder. At the table I met the shy and retiring Donna F. and her good-looking and smart spouse Wes. Jill, June, Gisela, Chris C., Kathy G. -- and I am sure I am missing someone equally important -- were all there. 

North Carolina light can be quite harsh and contrasty, but, undaunted, we managed to take a few decent shots, such as this piece of equipment at a farm, a rustic wooden door, dried flowers or herbs hanging from a beam, a view of a window through a window, and an old building in Aberdeen. ©Carol Leigh