Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fisherman's Terminal

Well, here's a novel concept: actually showing you an overview of what a place looks like!

I realize my photos are so tightly cropped and designed that I give no clues regarding the surroundings. Thus, even though I consider the first shot here a sort of crappy image, I understand its importance to some viewers.

Ooh, but I love the next one! The stark simplicity of the weathered ladder against bold color and texture. And I like all the straight lines.

In the third photograph, I liked how the ship's bell stood out against the grungy windows and metal of the boat's wheelhouse.

And finally, two shots of fenders, or buoys, which keep one boat from bumping into another. The blue one looked so cool against the blue background, and the strip of red at the bottom (to me) is important because it serves as a sort of anchor or grounding to the picture.

And then I noticed how two fenders reflected their colors against the deep, dark blue of the ship's hull.

These are all subjects I find extreeeeeeemly exciting when I go out to shoot, much to Chris's amusement. He's getting better, though, as an enabler, generously pointing out something I might have missed, a grungy dirty something that he knows I'd just love.

All this was such a great beginning to our Seattle trip.

©Carol Leigh
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