Friday, October 14, 2016

Never say never . . .

In a previous post I said I probably wouldn't be using the Prisma cellphone app again, but nope, I succumbed during our recent trip to Seattle.

It's just too much fun, too cool, and for the moment I don't have an alternative.

We had a room with a view. One heck of a view. And so in the first photo you see Pike Market and a ferry heading out.

It rained that evening, and so I photographed raindrops on the window with the lights of the market across the street. I LOVE that shot and what the Prisma app could do with it.

And then a quick shot of a couple at the next table in a restaurant for breakfast.

Quick shots, fun creativity with a very cool app.

Weather update: Steady rain, brief spate of wind around 2 a.m. So far, so good!

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