Friday, October 14, 2016

Recent work: "Meridian Map"

Walking around a boatyard, I saw a huge refrigeration container and the door was open. It was the silvery industrial look of the inside of the door that caught my eye. Lots of scratches and bolts and things — all a silvery grey color. So I combined that photograph with a photo I’d taken of a cement wall, which is where you see the rusty metal strip at the bottom and the crack running diagonally across the picture. I added some hand-drawn lines, a few other things, and voila! A pseudo treasure map! A red “X” marks the spot.

A very large storm is headed our way, and we may be in the midst of a power outage by the time this gets auto-posted. Luckily we have a generator, a chainsaw, and a lot of canned soup! I understand the storm is going to hit Oregon and far northern California as well, so we wish everybody down there good luck. This is going to be a scary one, methinks.

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