Monday, November 2, 2015

Boatyard Art

Chris is having a tough time. He was involved in a bar brawl (no, he didn't start it this time), went to do a karate kick, and ended up tearing a ligament in his foot. Can't walk without a lot of pain.*

So we're spending a fair amount of time here in the house doing not much of anything. Which is fine because it's been a bit rainy.

The result is that I'm scrounging around in old photographs, seeing if there's anything interesting I've shot in the past but haven't processed yet.

These three were taken in a boatyard in Astoria, Oregon (one of my favorite places) in 2012. There were a few old vehicles off to one side and, naturally, I had to take a closer look.

So I leave you to reflect on reflectors while I go check on the patient.

*Nah, not a bar brawl. Did it getting out of his truck. But the bar brawl makes a much better story. Especially if you know Chris!

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1 comment:

Craig said...

In reflection the brawl does sound better.
You always have an interesting image !
Well done