Thursday, January 3, 2019

Daily Photo 20190103 Hanazuma Collage

I began this collage yesterday in the studio, moving bits of paper around.

This morning I brought yesterday's collage into the computer and added a few more things and now it's done.

I've uploaded it to Fine Art America, describing it as a "small collage consisting of red paper, handmade papers, antique Japanese paper, and ink. You can even see a bit of grass in the black paper on the left. The postage stamp, issued August 1, 2008, is called “Hanazuma of the Hyogoya House,” created by Kitagawa Utamaro between 1793-1794."

I always post low-res images online, but you can see a LOT of detail at the above link, if you wish.

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  1. Ahhh, lovely texture, the black "stripe" and the figure are where my eyes go first, but then they wander throughout the piece enjoying the texture you've created.

  2. Oh, listen to you with your "artspeak!" I've uploaded it to Fine Art America, and now I'm going to disassemble it and use it on my Japanese book pages. Multi-tasking.


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