Friday, January 4, 2019

Daily Photo 20190104 What I'm Reading

After watching a documentary the other day called "Dear Mr. Watterson," I gained even more respect and admiration for the man who created the comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes."

The comic strip was beautifully drawn, cute, clever, funny, often pithy, and intelligent.  When Bill Watterson decided to pull the plug in 1996, I felt I'd lost two -- no, three -- friends.

But at some point in the documentary there was mention of a boxed set of four books called "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes."

Every Calvin and Hobbes comic strip Watterson created. Every. One.

The boxed set begins in 1985 until he discontinued the strip in 1996. It weighs more than 14 pounds, and contains 3,000+ weekday and Sunday comic strips.

So, beginning today, this will be what I'm reading. No politics, no biased news articles, no snarky-ness. Just humorous, upbeat, uplifting stories about a little boy and his pet tiger. Ahhhhh.

And here's a trailer to the documentary that Netflix is featuring right now:

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