Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Daily photo 20190108 Tulips!

To those of you who THOUGHT you saw a picture of trees here, well, you very well may have. It was so awful I felt uncomfortable leaving it there. So I replaced it with this photograph, which I took a few minutes ago.

Our house guests sent us an extremely floriferous flower arrangement that was so big, so full of flowers, that we couldn’t get our fingers into it to see if they needed water.

So I took all the flowers out and put them into four different vases. The tulips went into this vase (which was the original vase the florist used). There are now 10 more roses, a half-dozen alstroemeria stems, and a bunch of sunflowers and gerbera daisies to photograph! And we now have these flowers all over the house.

How DID the florist manage to get all those flowers into this vase? I mean, the tulips fill it perfectly. So here you see them on the coffee table. I purposely overexposed them to enhance the sunny(ish) look at the window.

C. and S., thank you again.

And thank you Coupeville Florist for packing the vase so full of flowers! This has been fun!

Before I took the arrangement apart:

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