Saturday, January 5, 2019

Daily Photo 20190105 Beach walk this morning

Very pretty morning, so we headed out to Ebey's Landing and walked the beach -- what there was of it as the tide was coming in.

Great spot for future photo explorations! People had made little stacked-stone towers, and forts constructed of driftwood. Long, kraken-ish strands of bull kelp littered the surfline.

So much to see, so much to shoot, such good reasons to keep going back -- and it's all just 10-12 minutes away.

This is an iPhone panorama shot looking north, with Admiralty Inlet and the Olympic Range to my left and the bluffs of Fort Casey off in the distance to the right. Loons, gulls, and an occasional sea lion flew, floated, and swam past. A Matson liner, creating vibrations that echoed off various cliffs, made its way toward Seattle.

A wonderful morning, a good lunch, a good day. May we all have such refreshing days like this. Hunkering down now for an allegedly heavy windstorm scheduled to be at its worst (or at its best?) around 4 tomorrow morning. We are ready!

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