Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Around the "plantation"

We are lucky (or unlucky) to have a large yard here. It's lovely, has at least 51 rhododendron bushes on it (yes, Chris counted them), and all sorts of things springing up that, since we've not yet been here in spring, are all new to us.

The flip side of the big-yard coin is that it's a lot of work! And now we're wondering what the hell were we thinking?

And yet, and yet . . . it's extremely pleasing to the eye, methinks.

Up at the top of the driveway are two hellebore plants. I think they're hellebores -- I dare not waste bandwidth looking them up right now (2GB over our data plan and still another week to go). Anyway, the deer do not eat these flowers (gasp!). I used the cellphone to shoot this one, then altered it using the Brushstroke app.

And then down below, the shrubs that have been pretty nondescript since we've been here turn out to be forsythia plants, usually the first things to bloom in spring. I shot this from the house, again using the cellphone and the Brushstroke app.

See the dark space to the right of the big fir tree? That's where I saw a light-colored coyote suddenly appear one morning. He took a look around, found no rabbits to chase, and then blended back into the woods.

Happy almost-spring, everyone!

©Carol Leigh

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  1. Very pretty! And since we don't have to keep up your yard, we can love it from a distance!


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