Saturday, March 12, 2016

Destined for the trash heap

This is a “3” I made three years ago, beginning with a macro photo of a metal tag. To that initial photo of a “3” I then added another photo of metal scratches, a photo of an ink spill, a photo of rust, and the stripes came from part of a photo I’d taken of a fishing boat reflected in water.

The sad part is that when it was all done, it’s just not sharp enough for me to do anything with other than include it here in my daily “3” project. Sometimes when you work really hard on something, it’s tough to throw it all away, isn’t it?

I do like this concept, however, and so I may go back to all the original images I used for it, find the out-of-focus culprit, and see what I can do to fix it. If it can’t be fixed to my satisfaction then ENOUGH! Out it goes! Maybe . . .

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