Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's all part of the process

Based on how well I liked my previous polka-dotted “3,” I thought I’d try something similar with another one. I’m showing you the versions I went through (not ALL of them, because they’d make you as crazy as they made me) and then the final version.

I found this “3” back in 2005, probably on the side of a fishing boat, maybe on the side of a dumpster. I liked the golden colors, the rust, the texture.

Then I added a tan-colored texture to the picture and came up with a very different, very muted, yet very colorful version of the “3.” I was intrigued. But the “3” seemed to blend in too much, no real differentiation from the background.

So in the third photo, I darkened the “3.” Not bad.

But what if I add polka dots and some color? (The fourth photo.) Well, now it’s looking kind of muddy.

So finally, in desperation, I turned to Topaz Impression and brightened the colors, softened the background, but kept the texture sharp on the “3.” (Final photo.)

By now, I just didn’t care any more! I do like the final version, but in my heart I know it’s weird and rather gimmicky. And yet, and yet… I’ll revisit it in a few years and see what I think. But I’ve worked this damned “3” to death and it’s time to move on.

You’re probably thinking the same thing about now…

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