Sunday, March 6, 2016

Latest work: Potted Plants in Mexico

Although I’m creating physical art, my photo art is in one of those stagnant modes. I know I’ll break out of it, but for the moment I attempt to counteract it by just playing, trying this, trying that, seeing what happens, and then eventually there will be a breakthrough. (At least that’s what I tell myself.)

The side benefits of this is that I make things I never would have thought of making, things that, frankly, I’m not too sure about. Like these three different versions of aloe plants growing in pots on a wall in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I like them because they’re bright and colorful, but otherwise I’m just not too sure.

Does this happen to you? You create something and wham! You have this quiet inner knowing that yeah, this is good, this is good. And other times you make something and you’re just not sure. You like it, but maybe it’s too gimmicky, too trite, too weird.

Side note: Don’t ask your family/friends if they like what you’ve made because all you’re going to get (usually) are uninformed, vapid comments like, “Wow!” or “Awesome!!!!!!!!” or “Brilliant!” And the worst? “Great capture!” But I digress.

Here are three versions of the same shot, as well as a photo of the original shot, the photo that led to my experimentation. And yeah, they’re wow, brilliant, awesome, and great captures. Just don’t tell me that!

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