Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday, Monday . . .

It was kind of a down morning yesterday. Does this happen to you? You look at what other people are doing, are creating, and all of a sudden you feel like pond scum. You have no talent, no skill, no presence, you don’t know where the heck you’re going. You feel “less than.” Well, that was yesterday morning.

(I’m writing this yesterday morning. Still in my huge funk. By the time you see this, I’m sure all will be well again!)

What to do to get out of this? Keep working. So into the studio where I’m working on a collage on a wooden cradle board. But it’s not going well today. I’ve tried working on various photomontages this morning, too, trying to come up with something new. And that’s not going well, either.

The cure for this is to keep trying to make SOMEthing. I decide to make a collage on a postcard. I have a bunch of very old, blank, 1-cent postcards. I glued down a piece of paper, another, then another, added a stamp, and it’s not looking awful. But guess what? The stamp has a THREE on it! Aha!

So I bring the image into the computer, tone it a bit, add three (three!) golden “moons” up top. I put a circle around the “3” on the (1939) postage stamp. And it’s done.

What have I accomplished? Well, I’ve sort of worked through my overall feeling of “poor me” and angst, have made a physical collage, and have made a mixed-media “3” for my (cursed) daily “3” project.

Soon we’re heading over to our friends’ house, for laughter, Bloody Marys, and good food. I’m sure that will do the trick!

Happy Monday. May today be a great day for us both!

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