Sunday, March 20, 2016

On a scale of 3 . . .

Friday we stopped at an antique mall in the town of Thorp, Washington. The first floor was all fresh local fruits and jams, jellies, candy, etc. (Learned about Opal apples.) The second and third floors were full of . . . stuff. Old stuff. With the number "3" on my mind, I zeroed in on this old scale, took a shot with my cellphone, job done.

Bought a packet of 10 old metal buttons, each one different. Why? I'm sure I'll find SOMEthing to do with them!

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  1. Old scales are always a good thing, and a good place to find a three. And you are almost done with this little exercise....just one more week of threes. I was going to try to come up with some clever mathematical equation involving threes to illustrate the number of days you have left, but 7 really isn't a very "three-friendly" number. Oh well...

  2. I remember the scale you (oh-oh, or was it Rich?) worked on for my "Parts is Parts" assignment, and the resulting photos were so artistic. No artistry here on my part: Ooh, a scale... There's probably a "3" on it! Where's my cellphone? Click. Done.

    And regarding you coming up with a clever mathematical equation for the number "3," you KNOW the cleverness of the math would be totally wasted on me! I appreciate your warped thinking, however!


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