Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sellotape 3

Remember yesterday when I said I didn’t have enough “3” pictures to post one a day for March? Well, that encouraged me to rummage through my files and I ended up looking at some images I shot in Cambridge, England in 2012.

Passing by a shop, I noticed the sign with all sorts of sellotape stuck on it. Knowing that I might be able to use that in a photomontage some day, I took a few shots. I also took an overview, so you can see what the whole scene looked like. (And yes, I’m painfully aware that many of you will think the overview is much more interesting than my close-up shot! I understand.)

Thinking of my desperate search for images of the number “3,” and seeing an empty area in the close-up picture, I made my own “3” and added it to the image. So no, the “3” wasn’t there to begin with. It’s totally bogus. What pleases me is how I knew the details on the sign just might come in handy some day. Well, that some day is today and . . . ta da!

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