Saturday, March 26, 2016

Something from 2009, something from 2016

Rather than relying on previously-created "3's" to post for my "daily 3" project, I'm creating new ones as well. Otherwise, what's the point, really? I'm trying to experiment, to learn.

Apparently I've not learned to put my "3" anywhere but lower right, lower center, or completely centered. Hmmmm... must work on that.

This is a "3" I photographed on my birthday back in 2009. (Some gals want to be taken to dinner but not me! It's my day and I'll spend it among fishing boats if I want!) The three was orange against a dark blue hull.

I added peeling paint and metal texture I'd shot at Fort Casey here a few weeks ago. Added a few more rivets, and it's done. And only five more days to go until this project is done!

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