Thursday, March 3, 2016

Three cubed

Looking over my pictures/photomontages depicting the number “3,” I noticed this one, that I changed three (three!) different times. And it just goes to show that time and experience don’t always result in a better product.

These three images were created in 2007, 2008, and 2009, and they’re in order from earliest to latest.

I apparently thought #1 was too blah, so in 2008 I revamped it. Um… NO! There’s just too much going on; I was experimenting with a lot of stuff. So then in 2009 I apparently looked at this image again, got rid of a lot of extraneous bits, and pumped up the colors. And I don’t particularly like this one, either.

I’m gravitating back to the first image, the one I initially made in 2007. Maybe if I . . . No, no, no! That was then, this is now, leave it alone and create new stuff!

Kinda like revisiting an old boyfriend. Oh, yeah, that was fun in 2007. A rocky patch in 2008 and we were trying too hard. A brief flash that fizzled out in 2009, and we both knew it was never going to work long-term. Goodbye, so long, hasta la vista, baby! But I’m still sorta attracted… Hmmm…

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