Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Three a day . . .

We have a limited WiFi data plan here in the sticks, and are currently 2GB over, so it's crazy trying to curtail our use, quickly get online and then get off, not checking the news, blogs, Facebook, etc. And we still have another week to go! Yikes!

So I forgot all about what I was going to do this month, the THIRD month of the year, and that was to post a photo of the number 3 every day.

It's only the 2nd, however, and easy to catch up.

The first image is a shot of an adding machine key, an adding machine we found in a trash pile, in the rain, in Oregon. So natch, we brought it home. I like the simple composition and the super-shallow depth of field.

The second photo is a macro shot of a number on washi tape that I incorporated into a photomontage. I like the softness, the red/white/blue motif, and the way the "3" seems to be sort of floating, like an iceberg in reverse (top-heavy rather than bottom-heavy).

So now I'm up to date, and Chris and I are going to have breakfast at a local bistro where they have free WiFi and catch up on the news. We're hoping to hear Donald Trump has been losing everywhere and has dropped out of the race. Whaddaya think?

©Carol Leigh

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  1. Especially love the washi tape 3...I like the multiple, pastel like colors. Cool!


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