Monday, March 7, 2016

Three on the seventh

This “post a #3 picture every day in March” exercise has proven challenging, which is good. I’ve been looking at images I created years ago, seeing them in a slightly different way, and have been encouraged to make a few changes.

Here’s an example.

I originally created the second image in 2009. At the time, I liked the sort of dark, understated look. Today, I think it’s kind of dull. So I altered it using some Topaz effects, which you see in the first picture.

To show you what the photomontage is made of, I also include here a picture of the original “3,” which was on the side of a fishing boat in Oregon. To that image, I added a picture of some painted brush strokes and dots I’d made in the studio, a scribble of sorts that I thought I could use in a montage some day. That’s it.

I find the brighter “3” photomontage more appealing than the original. Am I in love with it? Shall I offer it for sale on Fine Art America? Nah. I think it’s kind of interesting, and it works well for this “3” project, but as a standalone image? I don’t think so. Today.

I hope you’re finding my “3” postings interesting. I’m trying to give you a peek into my thought processes, my technical processes, rather than just grabbing a “3” from my files and moving on.

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  1. Carol,

    Each day I check your feed not only to be inspired, but to hear the silent refrain that runs through your work: "Stop complaining that you have nothing to photograph. Be mindful of the endless number (see what I did there... heh, heh) of tiny wonders that surround us in every moment."
    From you and Freeman Patterson I have learned that photography can be so much more than a frustrating search for postcard-worthy images. Challenge can be found in a clump of roadside grasses, a pear, or a simple number on a boat's hull.

    Lesson learned and practiced daily.
    Thank you.

    Rick G.

  2. My dear Rick G.,

    You could not have said anything more wonderful to me than “from you and Freeman Patterson I have learned . . .” Freeman Patterson is the person who has inspired me the most, from the very beginning. His book, Photography for the Joy of It,” was my very first back in 1978. His way of thinking, his way of looking, resonated with me, and continues resonating today. So to be mentioned in the same sentence is indeed a compliment. Thank you. You made my day. Big-time. -- Carol Leigh


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