Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Today's daily dose of "3"

This is a “3” montage I made six years ago and set aside to include in this March madness of “a 3 a day.” But when I looked at it this morning and was wondering what to say about it, I couldn’t remember what I used to put it all together. So I went back to the original files.

Six years ago I was apparently throwing everything into the mix. In this case, I began with a photo I took of an old trunk in the Cedros district of San Diego. The old peeling papers made a good base on which to put my numbers. The big “3” is from the side of an old fishing boat (and apparently I’ve used this same “3” in lots of my number pictures — tried and true). The “2” is also from a boat, and the “5” is an iron number you might use on the front of your house, showing your address.

There are also a lot of subtle numbers, such as a “6055” from a nautical chart, and a “25” from a burlap bag used to hold coffee beans (Old Town San Diego). I also photographed rivets on the Alsea Bay Bridge in Waldport, Oregon, and threw those into the mix.

In one version I also created a cruciform sort of object. That was my final step, and now, six years later, I see that it’s a step too far. It clutters up the whole picture. To show you what I mean, you can compare the two versions. Just because I could, I shouldn’t have.

So there you have today’s daily dose of “3.”

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